Alice Eduardo as a Philanthropist and Advocate

Alice Eduardo as a Philanthropist and Advocate

Charity cannot wait. ~ Alice Eduardo

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Alice Eduardo is not all glitz and glamour although she epitomizes these at every turn. She also devotes her time to her advocacies. Alice Eduardo is a firm believer of being a blessing to others. For her, “if I can save a soul and make people happy, I feel super happy.”

Alice Eduardo feels that her success is God-given, so she shares its fruits to the people who need help the most. An extraordinary person with an exceptional opportunity, she said, “Every day, I count my blessings, and I try to make my blessings count.”

Alice Eduardo and her passion projects

Alice Eduardo has several passion projects, one of the most important of which is the 320 sqm. pediatric ward at the Philippine General Hospital. This has been a passion project because her father, Andres, suffered from cancer as well.

Called the Department of Pediatrics-Hematology-Oncology Isolation Ward, it caters to the young cancer patients. Building hope for these patients is a must, and this is her goal.

The ward is mainly for children with cancer from poor and disadvantaged families – the poorest of the poor. These people cannot afford expensive medicines and treatments.

She saw the situation of the kids by herself when visiting the illness-stricken child of one of her employees in PGH. Right there and then, she told herself, “Charity cannot wait.” Compassion is the answer.

Paying it forward, many are inspired by her donations in PGH, spawning several other donations. Nevertheless, she knows that this is not enough. Another equally important need is the relatives’ dormitory because some of the patients’ are from outside Metro Manila.

Alice Eduardo’s hometown is Jaen, Nueva Ecija. And coming from a Catholic family, she knows the importance of valuing places of worship. Building the church is another passion project she dubbed as the “monument of thanksgiving.”

Alice Eduardo is one of GoNegosyo’s stalwart partners. GoNegosyo is a program under the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship. Local entrepreneurs are the target of the program.

She speaks at GoNegosyo-sponsored summits and conferences, sharing her entrepreneurial journey with the aspiring Filipinas. She also conducts mentoring sessions.

Alice Eduardo is also a prime mover for Habitat for Humanity since 2011 (PhP10M). She has also donated an aggregate amount of Php5M to Marawi survivors.

Her other philanthropic activities are:

  • Building 100 homes for Yolanda victims (PhP10M)
  • Building San Agustin Parish with parish hall in Jaen, Nueva Ecija (PhP80M)
  • Building two structures at Tuloy Foundation for its classrooms and theater (PhP20M)

What’s good about this construction magnate is she doesn’t trumpet her charities.